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Nutrition & Dietetics 2nd BS DPD option

2nd BS  Full Time
Program Code:NPD5  Program Director: Julie O'Sullivan Maillet
Version for Summer 2021

SemesterCourse#Course TitleCreditsComments/Notes
1. Professional Professional Core: See Advisor
NUTR3100 Experimental Foods 3 _________________________
NUTR3200 Preventive Nutrition 3 _________________________
NUTR3300 Current Concepts & Trends in Nutrition Across the Life Span 2 _________________________
NUTR3700 Introduction to Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism 2 _________________________
NUTR4000 Nutritional Assessment 3 _________________________
NUTR4100 Nutrition Education for the Community 2 _________________________
NUTR4150 Advanced Nutritional Physiology 4 _________________________
NUTR4210 Medical Nutrition Therapy I 3 _________________________
NUTR4220 Medical Nutrition Therapy II 3 _________________________
NUTR4609 Supervised Practice in Food Services 1 _________________________
NUTR4619 Supervised Practice in Food Service Administration 1 _________________________
NUTR4629 Supervised Practice in Community and Food Security 1 _________________________
NUTR4639 Supervised Practice in Obstetrics and Pediatrics 1 _________________________
NUTR4649 Supervised Practice in Rotation in Medicine and Surgery 2 _________________________
NUTR4659 Supervised Practice in Diabetes and Renal 2 _________________________
NUTR4669 Supervised Practice in Ambulatory Care/Outpatient and Rehabilitation 1 _________________________
NUTR4679 Supervise Practice in ICU and Nutrition Support 1 _________________________
NUTR4689 Supervised Practice in Staff Relief and Elective 1 _________________________
NUTR4699 Supervised Practice Education and Development 2 _________________________
NUTR4750 Current Topics in Nutrition 3 _________________________
NUTR4800 Capstone Course 1 _________________________
Curriculum Total :   42  
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