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Department of Health Informatics
Health Information Management
BINF3010 - Medical Terminology
Course Description
Word formation, derivations, and meanings of medical terms related to medical specialties, health services, and health related fields with application in the transcription of medical reports.
Credits/Modes of Instruction
Credits:  3
The majority of this course will be online with the exception of the Midterm Examination, which will be conducted and proctored in person. This syllabus reflects the requirements of the online course.
Assigned readings
Audio Playback of Pronunciations provided through online learning resources
Web based course management (Canvas).
This course relies heavily on completion of regular activities, assignments, and assessments. Students are expected to logon and participate as outlined in the schedule, as well as spend several additional hours per week completing assignments and undertaking independent study to further their mastery of the materials.
None. This course is open to all medical, dental, public health and health related professions students. Students must have access to the internet.
Course Goals and Outcomes:
This course exposes students to the language of medicine and prepares them to be able to read, understand, and begin to interpret health information.
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
State complete terms given a set of suffixes, prefixes and word roots.
Pronounce each given term correctly, which is related to one or more of the following: basic disease processes, signs and symptoms of diseases, descriptive modifiers of disease, medical writings, diagnostic and surgical procedures, the body as a whole, the body systems, systemic disorders, geriatrics, or other specialty areas as oncology, respiratory therapy, physical medicine,
radiology, and radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, anesthesiology, and pharmacy.
Spell and provide the definition of each given term with 100% accuracy.
Identify the full term and meaning of given abbreviations.
Identify body cavities and anatomical planes using a diagram.
Write the correct singular or plural form for a given set of medical terms.
Identify and state the correct medical term for each commonly used synonym.
Recognize incorrect spelling and /or improper usage of medical terms.
Given a transcribed medical report, abstract required data as instructed.