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Department of Health Informatics
Health Information Management
BINF4305 - H I Services Administration
Course Description
The application of the principles of management theory to the functions in Health Information Management traditional and expanded roles including standards of practice, departmental design, policy and procedure development.
Credits/Modes of Instruction
Credits:  3
Modes of Instruction:
Lecture via power point presentation to supplement readings
Individual Assignments
Discussion questions
Completion of all 3000 level courses in the Health Information Management Program or permission of instructor. Completion of all general education courses.
Course Goals and Outcomes:
This course is designed to apply the concepts of management to the health information management profession and to provide assignments at the level of evaluation, application and synthesis.
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
Apply decision-making skills in solving problem situations typically found in the health information services department.
Select the most appropriate mode of communication for a given situation and identify barriers to achieving understanding of communicated information.
Compare and contrast the functions of management giving an example of each.
Demonstrate good written communication skills necessary in communication documents such as letters, memoranda and meeting minutes.
Develop a plan to solve a given health information services problem.
Given a list of tasks, identify which should be delegated and under what conditions.
Develop policies and procedures for health information issues and functions using selected formats.
Appropriately utilize planning and organizing tools of management, such as an organization chart and/or work flow diagram, as they apply the health information services.
Appropriately utilize work simplification and measurement tools to solve problems associated with workload in health information services.
Prepare a staffing plan for a specified health information service including the determination of staffing levels for various health information functions.
List the factors which should be considered when setting quantity and quality standards.
Develop an operational budget including salary and non-salary requirements.