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Department of Health Informatics
Health Information Management
BINF4619 - Management Affiliation  
Course Description
This capstone course is a supervised learning experience with the registered health information administrator at an affiliated health care facility to gain experience in Health Information Management chosen according to the standards of the American Health Information Management Association. This course is a required course for the BS in Health Information Management.
Credits/Modes of Instruction
Credits:  3
Observation and hands on practice with completion of assigned projects and selected modules.
This course is open to all students who have been accepted into the HIM Program and who have successfully completed all 3000 level course work as well as BINF 4220, BINF 4310, BINF 4311, and BINF 5000. BINF 4305, IDST 4300 and BINF 5520 are co-requisites which may be taken concurrently or must be previously completed. Students must be in their final semester of the HIM Program or have planned completion no later than December of the same calendar year.
Course Goals and Outcomes:
This course provides the student will the opportunity to shadow, observe, and practice traditional and non-traditional HIM functions in a healthcare environment.
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
Complete various activities in health information services, functions, and in general areas of health information administrative responsibility.
Demonstrate the transition from theory to practice as a professional health information administrator under direct supervision of experienced practitioners.
Effectively utilize verbal, non-verbal, and written communication techniques.
Demonstrate proficiency in performing various management tasks.