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Department of Health Informatics
Health Information Management
BINF5000 - Essentials of Informatics in Health Care
Course Description
The course presents an overview of all aspects of healthcare informatics, including key elements of informatics such as data structure, systems and privacy concerns. It introduces electronic health records and the legal aspects of this aspect as well as future trends in technology.
Credits/Modes of Instruction
Credits:  3
Lecture presented as MS PowerPoint Presentations
Discussion Forums
Textbook activities
Synchronous conferencing via available system (i.e. Zoom, Adobe Connect, Skype)
Completion of 3000 level HIM courses except BINF 3301 or permission of instructor.
Course Goals and Outcomes:
This course provides the students with a foundation of knowledge in the foundations of Health Informatics. Health Informatics is a compendium of information in the areas of the electronic health record (EHR), information infrastructure, databases, implementation of health information systems, privacy and security for health informatics, consumer health informatics that will help to introduce the students to an emerging and challenging field in order to be able to analyze and appropriately utilize health information.
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
Define the terms related to health informatics.
Explain the major roles associated with the field of health informatics.
Understand flat file versus relational databases.
Define the components of a data dictionary.
Define data mapping and the various types of data maps.
Compare different needs for and methods of data collection.
Apply data quality principles and practices.
Compare the three-major cloud computing service models.
Identify basic SQL commands to select data for reporting and analysis.
Describe the basic functionalities of the R Statistical Package.
Create a strategic plan for healthcare systems implementation.
Demonstrate effective usage of policies, processes, and techniques for data analysis.
Describe HITECH funding.
Explain how HITECH modifies the HIPAA Security Rule.
Interpret the various attributes that can impact the legal health record definition and e-discovery.
Analyze patient record documentation regulations for correct utilization within legal health record policies and procedures.
Define consumer health informatics.
Describe characteristics of the online health information consumer.
Identify current and past consumer health informatics technology.
Explain the development of health informatics educational programs.