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1. Research Question
List your research question or questions
2. Needs/Goals/Aims of Project
Identify the goals that motivate the objective. Why is this project worth doing? What will it add?
3. Concrete Objectives
List the concrete (measurable) outcomes you expect to find
4. Intervention/Exposure to Meet Needs
List all interventions (procedures, events, curricular changes, exposures, etc.) that you expect to bring about the objectives
5. Reason/Rationale
Why and How do you expect the intervention / exposure / procedure to bring about the objectives? (theory)
6. Resources Available
List the team, school, department, faculty or student resources available to this project
Extramural funding

Intramural funding


7. Resources Needed
List all methodological consulting, data collection, data warehousing, statistical/analytic support required for this project