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Peter M. Basto, PHD

Department : Psychiatric Rehabilitation And Counseling Professions
Program/Division : Psychiatric Rehabilitation And Psychology
Academic Title: Assistant Professor

Office Address:


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
PHD Rutgers University 2017
Title Authors Where and When
The Organizational Assimilation of Consumer Providers Basto, P. M., Pratt, C. W., Gill, K. J., & Barrett, N. M Psychiatric Skills. Vol. 4 (1): 105 – 119 (2006 )
Chapter 3: Ethics, Values, Laws, and Regulations Basto, P., and Stahl, L In M. Salzar (Ed.), Psychiatric Rehabilitation Skills in Practice: A CPRP Preparation and Skills Workbook. Vol. : 43-78 (2006 )
Integrating Consumer Providers into a Service Delivery System Barrett, N. M., Pratt, C. W., Basto, P. M., & Gill, K. J Psychiatric Skills. Vol. 4 (1): 82 – 105 (2000 )
Award Year
Excellence in Teaching Award 2008-2009
Student Clinical Excellence Award 1998
Cum Laude graduate 1978
Leory Spaniol Educators Award Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association 2016
Research Interests
Peer run services and on student learning outcomes
Research Grants
Title Sponsor Effective Dates Role
Educational Research Grant UMDNJ-SHRP 2009-2010 Co-Investigator
UMDNJ Foundation Grant UMDNJ Foundation 2009-2017 Co-Investigator
Title Details
Dr. Peter M. Basto  12/19 Dr. Basto is an Assistant Professor, and Director of the A.S. program in Psychosocial Rehabilitation in the Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions, Rutgers University, School of Health Professions (SHP). He is responsible for coordinating County Colleges around NJ who partner with Rutgers-SHP in providing students to the A.S. Program. He provides advisement and support to students and supervises faculty in the implementation of courses for the degree program, he also teaches undergraduate classes in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Dr. Basto has been an educator since 1999, and received the Rutgers-SHP Excellence in Teaching Award in 2009. In addition, he is the 2016 recipient of the Leroy Spaniol Educators award from the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association which is a national award bestowed on an individual who has made outstanding contributions toward educating and mentoring a new generation of leaders. Dr. Basto strives to ensure that students receive the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be effective recovery oriented Psychiatric Rehabilitation practitioners. Dr. Basto has extensive experience working with children and adults in community based programs, and hospital in-patient settings. He has partnered with peers in the development of peer run services, and worked with families to establish family support groups. He is currently a Co-President of Collaborative Support Programs of NJ, which provides housing, wellness centers and advocacy for peers in recovery. He is also on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Psychiatric Association, and manages the Consortium of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Educators which is a group of professors who teach psychiatric rehabilitation courses throughout North America. He has a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP). Dr. Basto has been involved with the development of the CPRP including helping to define the Psychiatric Rehabilitation field, helping to revise the domains for the exam, and as an item writer for the CPRP examination. He has provided trainings, developed training manuals, and created online professional education programs for staff, and peers. Dr. Basto has also developed workshops and presented at state, national, and international conferences focusing on improving the Psychiatric Rehabilitation workforce. His current research interests are focused on peer run services

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