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Carrie Lynn Esopenko, PHD

Department : Rehabilitation And Movement Sciences
Program/Division : Physical Therapy - D.P.T. (North Jersey)
Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Joint Appointment Title : Assistant Professor  
Department : Health Informatics  
School: School of Health Professions  
Campus: Newark  

Office Address:
65 Bergen Street 
Stanley S. Bergen Building, Rm 915
Newark, NJ 07107
Phone: (973) 972-0143


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
BA University of Calgary 2006
PHD University of Saskatchewan 2011
Title Authors Where and When
A Global Collaboration to Study Intimate Partner Violence-Related Head Trauma: The ENIGMA Consortium IPV Working Group Esopenko, C., Meyer, J., Wilde, E. A., Marshall, A. D., Tate, D. F., Lin, A. P., Koerte, I. K., Werner, K. B., Dennis, E. L., Ware, A. L., de Souza, N. L., Menefee, D. S., Dams-O’Connor, K., Stein, D. J., Bigler, E. D., Shenton, M. E., Chiou, K. S., Postmus, J. L., Monahan, K, Eagan-Johnson, B., van Donkelaar, P., Merkley, T. L., Velez, C., Hodges, C., Lindsey, H. M., Johnson, P., Irimia, A., Spruiell, M., Bennett, E. R., Bridwell, A., Zieman, G., Hillary, F. G. Brain Imaging and Behavior, 2021
Individual baseline balance assessments in a large sample of incoming NCAA Division I athletes using a force plate system Weismiller, S. A., Monaco, R., Womack, J., Alderman, B., Esopenko, C., Conway, F. N., Brostrand, K., Brown, A., de Souza, N., & Buckman, J. International Journal of Sports Physiotherapy, 16(1), 126-133, 2021
Long-term neurocognitive, mental health consequences of collision sports. Willer, B. S., Haider, N., M., Wilber, C., Esopenko, C., Turner, M., Leddy, J. Clinics in Sports Medicine: Sport-Related Concussion, 40(1), 173-186
Clinical Recovery Timelines following Sport-Related Concussion in Men’s and Women’s Collegiate Sports Bretzin, A., Esopenko, C., D’Alonzo, B., Weibe, D. Journal of Athletic Training, 2021
The effect of ball type on head acceleration during purposeful heading in male and female youth soccer players Peek, K., McKay, M., Fu, A., Meyer, T., Oxenham, V., Esopenko, C., Caccese, J., Andersen, J. Science and Medicine in Football, 2021
Current and emerging techniques in neuroimaging of sports-related concussion Esopenko, C., Sollmann, N., Bonke, E., Weigand, T., Heinen, F., de Souza, N., Breedlove, K., Shenton, M. E., Lin, A., Koerte, I. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, 2021
ENIGMA and Global Neuroscience: A decade of large-scale studies of the brain in health and disease across 43 countries Thompson, P. et al. Transl Psychiatry 10, 100 (2020).
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Effect of age at time of injury on long-term changes in intrinsic functional connectivity in traumatic brain injury de Souza, N., Parker, R., Gonzalez, C. S., Ryan, J., & Esopenko, C. Brain Injury, 34(12), 1646-1654, 2020
Menstrual Irregularity, Hormonal Contraceptive Use, and Bone Stress Injuries in Collegiate Female Athletes in the United States Cheng, J., Santiago, K., Abutalib, Z., Temme, K., Hulme, A., Goolsby, M., Esopenko, C., & Casey, E. PM&R: The Journal of Injury, Function, and Rehabilitation, 2020
Bigger Necks are Not Enough: An examination of neck Circumference in incoming college athletes Esopenko, C., de Souza, N., Todaro, S., Conway, F., Brostrand, K., Womack, J., Monaco, R., Buckman, J. Journal of Primary Prevention (2020), 41(5), 421-429
The ENIGMA Sports Injury Working Group – An international collaboration to further our understanding of sports-related brain injury Koerte, I.K., Esopenko, C., Hinds, D. R., Shenton, M. E., Bazarian, J.J., Bonke, E., Bigler, E.D., Buckley, T., Choe, M., Gill, J., Giza, C.C., Hodges, C.B., Irimia, A., Kenney, K., Levin, H., Lin, A., Lindsey, H.M., Max, J., Mayer, A.R., Meier, T. B., Merchant-Borna, K., Mills, B., Porfido, T., Ware, A.L., Zeineh, M., Thompson, P.M., Tate, D.F., Dennis, E.L., Wilde, E.A., Baron, D. Brain Imaging Behavior, 2020
ENIGMA Brain Injury: Framework, Challenges, and Opportunities. Dennis, E., Baron D, Bartnik-Olson B, Caeyenberghs K, Esopenko C, Hillary FG, Kenney K, Koerte IK, Lin AP, Mayer AR, Mondello S, Olsen A, Thompson PM, Tate DF, Wilde EA. Human Brain Mapping, 2020
The psychosocial burden of retirement from sport Esopenko, C., Coury, J. R., Pieroth, E., Noble, J. M. Trofa, D. P., Bottiglieri, T. Current Sports Medicine Reports, 2020
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The Potential Role of the Cervical Spine in Sports-Related Concussion: Clinical Perspectives and Considerations for Risk Reduction Streifer, M.,* Brown, A.,* Porfido, T., Anderson Zambo, E., Esopenko, C. (* represents co-first authorship) JOSPT, 49(3), 202-208, 2019
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Neural representations of visual words and objects: A functional MRI study on the modularity of reading and object processing Borowsky, R., Esopenko, C., Cummine, J., & Sarty, G. Brain Topography, 2007
Award Year
SHP Student Research and Scholarship Symposium, Best Research Poster (Porfido, first author, PhD Student) 2019
George J. Davies – James A. Gould Excellence in Clinical Inquiry Award for JOSPT paper: “The Potential Role of the Cervical Spine in Sports-Related Concussion: Clinical Perspectives and Considerations for Risk Reduction” 2019
Baycrest Research in Print Award for “Cognitive and Psychosocial Function in Retired Professional Hockey Players” 2018
Charles W. Haynes Pay It Forward Brain Injury Fellowship, North American Brain Injury Society 2016
Alzheimer’s Society of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship 2012-2014
Ontario Research Coalition Early Researcher Award 2012-2013
Canadian Psychological Association: Certificate of Academic Excellence for Doctoral Thesis 2012
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Canadian Graduate Scholarship (CGS) 2008-2011
CJSPLA Editor’s Choice Award for: “A Pilot Study to Evaluate a New Early Screening Instrument for Speech and Language Delays" 2011
Research Interests
Cognitive, Psychiatric, and Neuroimaging Signatures of IPV
Development of sex-specific assessment and prevention strategies for sports-related concussions
Mental Health Outcomes in Athletes
Chronic Effects of Repetitive Head Trauma in Athletes
Research Grants
Title Sponsor Effective Dates Role
Identifying the Cognitive, Psychological, and Neuroimaging Signatures of head trauma in female survivors of IPV NINDS R01NS115957 2020-2025 mPI
The Effect of IPV-related TBI on Psychiatric, Cognitive and Neural Outcomes in Women SHP Dean’s Intramural Research Pilot Grant 2020-2022 PI
Characterizing the Brain and Behavioral Phenotypes of Physical Violence in IPV Busch Biomedical Research Grant 2019-2021 PI
Cognitive, Psychological, and Neurological Outcomes in Athletes with Exposure to Brain Trauma: Effect of Sex and Neck Strength SHP Dean’s Intramural Research Pilot Grant 2018-2019 PI
Assessing the Effects of Remote Traumatic Brain Injury on Brain Aging Canadian Institutes for Health Research 2014-2019 Co-Investigator
Neurodegenerative Disease in Former Athletes with Traumatic Brain Injury Canadian Institutes for Health Research 2013-2014 Co-Investigator
Neurodegenerative Disease in Former Athletes with Traumatic Brain Injury Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation 2013-2014 Co-Investigator
Title Details
Carrie Esopenko, PhD  September 2016 Dr. Esopenko completed her PhD in psychology at the University of Saskatchewan followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Health Sciences. Her postdoctoral research examined the long-term effects of repetitive concussions in retired professional hockey players. She is now an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University in the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science, in the School of Health Professions. She holds a joint appointment in the Department of Health Informatics and is a Full Faculty Member in the School of Graduate Studies and Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology. Dr. Esopenko is the Principal Investigator the for Rutgers University New Brunswick’s involvement in the Big Ten/Ivy League TBI Epidemiology Study Consortium. Additionally, she one of two Big 10 PIs on the Study Advisory Committee for the Big 10/Ivy League Epidemiology Study and a Board Member on the Ivy League/Big 10 TBI Collaboration. Dr. Esopenko is also the lead investigator for the am a member of Enhancing NeuroImaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) Consortium IPV working group, co-lead investigator for the ENIGMA COVID-19 working group, and member of the Brain Injury and Sports-Related Concussion working groups. She is a member of the Concussion Working Group for the International Congress for Athlete Brain Health and a Consulting Editor for the Journal of the International Neuropsychology Society (JINS). See link for Dr. Esopenko's publications: See for a link to Dr. Esopenko's lab website.

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