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deutsch's photo
Judith E Deutsch, PT, PhD

Department : Rehabilitation And Movement Sciences
Program/Division : Physical Therapy - D.P.T. (North Jersey)
Academic Title: Professor

Office Address:


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
BA Stanford University 1978
MS, PT University of Southern California 1985
PT, PhD New York University 1994
Title Authors Where and When
Knowledge Translation Research to Promote Behavior Changes in Rehabilitation: Use of Theoretical Frameworks and Tailored Interventions: A Scoping Review Romney W, Bellows DM, Tavernite JP, Salbach N, Deutsch JE Arch Phys Med Rehabilitation, February 2021
Comparison Of Neuromuscular And Cardiovascular Exercise Intensity And Enjoyment Between Standard Of Care, Off-The-Shelf And Custom Active Video Games For Promotion Of Physical Activity Of Persons Post-Stroke Deutsch JE James-Palmer A, Damodaran H, Puh U JNER 2021
Rehabilitation and the Vital Role of Physiotherapy: WCPT Response to COVID19 Briefing Paper 2 Bury T, Clague-Baker N, Deutsch JE, Finucane L, Hobbelen H, Morris L, van der Wees P, Stokes E, ten Hove R, May 2020
A Knowledge Translation Intervention Designed and Implemented by a Knowledge Broker Improved Documented Use of Gait Speed: A Mixed-Methods Study Romney W, Salbach N, Parrott JS, Deutsch JE J Geriatr Phys Ther.;43(3):E1-E10. doi: 10.1519/JPT, Jul/Sep 2020
Validity and Reliability of the Kinect for Assessment of Standardized Transitional Movements and Balance: Systematic Review and Translation into Practice Puh U, Hoehlein B, Deutsch JE Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am. 2019 May;30(2):399-422, 2019
A comparison of virtual reality and active video game usage, attitudes and learning needs among therapists in Canada and the US Levac DE, Glegg S, Pradhan S, Fox EJ, Espy D, Chicklis E, Deutsch JE Proceedings of ICVR 2019, Tel Aviv Israel, 2019
Custom Game Paced Video Games Played by Persons Post-Stroke Have Comparable Exercise Intensity but Higher Accuracy, Greater Enjoyment and Less Effort than Off-The-Shelf Game Deutsch JE, Hoehlein B, Priolo M, Pacifico J. Damodaran H, Puh U. Proceedings of ICVR 2019, Tel Aviv Israel, 2019
Playing Self-Paced Video Games Requires the Same Energy Expenditure but is more Enjoyable and Less Effortful than Standard of Care Activities James-Palmer A, Puh U, Damodaran H, Kim E, Bowlby P, Deutsch JE Proceedings of ICVR 2019, Tel Aviv Israel, 2019
A Knowledge Translation Intervention Designed and Implemented by a Knowledge Broker Improved Documented Use of Gait Speed: A Mixed Method Study Romney W, Salbach N Parrott JS, Deutsch JE Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy, 2018
Usability of the ‘Kinect-ing with Clinicians’ website: A knowledge translation resource supporting decisions about active video game use in rehabilitation Levac D, Pradhan S, Espy D, Fox E, Deutsch JE Games for Health Journal 7:6:362-368 Sept 4, 2018
A knowledge translation intervention designed using audit and feedback and the Theoretical Domains Framework for physical therapists working in inpatient rehabilitation: A case report Romney W, Salbach N, Parrott JS, Deutsch JE Physiother Theory Pract. 2018 Apr 16:1-17. doi: 10.1080/09593985.2018.1457113. [Epub ahead of print]
Time since injury limits but does not prevent improvement and maintenance of gains in balance in chronic stroke Llorens R, Noé E, Alcañiz M, Deutsch JE Brain Inj. 2018;32(3):303-309. doi: 10.1080/02699052.2017.1418905. Epub 2017 Dec 26
Virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation Laver KE, Lange B, George S, Deutsch JE, Saposnik G, Crotty M Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2017 Nov 20;11:CD008349. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD008349.pub4. Review
Virtual Reality and Serious Games in Neurorehabilitation of Children and Adults: Prevention, Plasticity, and Participation Deutsch JE, Westcott-McCoy S Pediatr Phys Ther. Suppl 3 Supplement, IV Step 2016 Conference Proceedings Supplement:S23-S36, 2017
Auditory and visual cueing modulate cycling speed of older adults and persons with Parkinson’s disease in a virtual cycling (V-Cycle) system Gallagher R, Damodaran H, Werner WG, Powell W, Deutsch JE JNER 13(1):77, 2016
The role of the frontal lobe in complex walking among patients with Parkinson’s Disease and healthy older adults: A fNIRS study Maidan I, Nieuwhof F, Bernard_Elazari H, Reelick MF, Bloem BR, Giladi N, Deutsch JE, Hausdorff JM, Classen JAH, Mirelman A NNR 2016 May 23
Altered brain activation in complex walking conditions in patients with Parkinson Disease Maidan I, Rosenberg-Katz K, Jacob Y, Giladi N, Deutsch JE, Haudorff, JM, Mirelman Parkinsonism and Related Disorders 2016 Apr;25:91-6
Validity and Usability of a professional association’s web-based knowledge translation portal: APTA Deutsch JE, Romney W, Manal TJ BMC Medical Informatics15:79-, 2015
Virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation Laver K, George S, Thomas S, Deutsch JE, Crotty M Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2015 Feb 12;2:CD008349. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD008349.pub3.
‘Kinect-ing’ with clinicians: A knowledge translation resource to support decision-making about video game use in rehabilitation Levac D, Espy D, Fox E, Pradhan S, Deutsch JE PTJ Special Issue on Technology epub Sept 13, 2014
High Metabolic Cost and Low Energy Expenditure for Typical Motor Activities among Individuals in the Chronic Phase Post-Stroke Kafri M. Myslinski M, Gade VK. Deutsch JE JNPT 38;226-232, 2014
Modular Mechatronic System for Stationary Bicycles Interfaced with Virtual Environment for Rehabilitation Ranky GR, Sivak ML, Lewis JA, Gade VK, Deutsch JE, Mavroidis D JNER, 2014
Tracking Change in Critical Thinking Skills Huhn K, Black, Jensen G, Deutsch JE JOPTE 27 (3) 41-48, 2013
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Wii-Based Compared to Standard of Care Balance and Mobility Training for Two Individuals Post-Stroke Deutsch JE, Robbins D, Morrison J, Guarrera Bowlby P. Virtual Rehabilitation International Conference Proceedings IEEE, pp 117-120, 2009
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Development and Application of Virtual Reality Technology to Improve Hand Use and Gait of Individuals Post-Stroke Deutsch JE, Merians A, Adamovich S, Poizner H, Burdea, G Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, Special issue on motor system plasticity, recovery and rehabilitation, Vol. 22(3-5), pp. 341-386, 2004
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Updating Neurologic Curriculum Using a Peer-Review Process Deutsch JE, Nicholson DE, Shumway Cook A, Brown DA, Gordon, J. Neurology Report, 24(3) 101-110, 2000
Award Year
Distinguished Alumni Award (Post-Doctoral Fellow) Rutgers Department of PMR and Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation 2020
Excellence in Research: Neurology Section American Physical Therapy Association APTA 2013
Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association (FAPTA) 2012
American Publishers Nursing and Allied Health Award 2008
Lucy Blair Service Award: American Physical Therapy Association 2008
Distinguished Alumni of the Year: Department of Biokinesiology, USC 2007
Jack Walker Award for Best Clinical Paper: American Physical Therapy Association 2006
Service Award: Neurology Section: APTA 2006
Master Educator Guild: UMDNJ 2004
Excellence in Teaching Award: UMDNJ 2003
Deans Excellence in Research Award: UMDNJ 2001
Outstanding Service Award: New Jersey APTA 2000
Research Interests
Our work has spanned the development validation and efficacy testing of virtual environments and serious games for rehabilitation of mobility and fitness for persons with neurologic health conditions. We have combined movement, neuro and exercise science to explain and inform the design of interventions aimed at increasing mobility and participation in society. We are concerned as well with the transfer of technology and knowledge translation to enhance practice.
Current Projects: 1. Exercise Intensity Comparing Off the Shelf to Customized Videos to Standard of Care 2. Field Work Assessing Uptake of Customized Video Games in Practice 3. Open Rehabilitation Initiative ( 4. ‘Kinecting with Clinicians’ (
Research Grants
Title Sponsor Effective Dates Role
Virtual Cycling Environment (VCYCLE) Increases Exercise Intensity of Older Adults and Persons with Parkinson Disease NIA R-15 AG063348-0 Sept 2019-August 2022 PI
VSTEP Digital Health Platform NSF ICorps January 2019-August 2020 PI
“Open Rehabilitation Initiative: Usability and Knowledge Translation” Rutgers Global Grant March 2018-December 2021 PI
VSTEP Digital Health Platform for Movement and Fitness Rutgers TechAdvance Fund July 2017-July 2019 PI

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