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dolcejn's photo
Joni N. Dolce, MS

Department : Psychiatric Rehabilitation And Counseling Professions
Program/Division : Rehabilitation Counseling
Academic Title: Assistant Professor

Office Address:


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
Title Authors Where and When
The paradoxical relationship between hope and the educational level of people in recovery. Waynor, W.R., Gao, N., and Dolce, J.N. American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Vol. 15: 299 (2012 )
The Cognitive Apprenticeship Model: Implications for its Use in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Provider Training Bates, F.M, Waynor, W.R., & Dolce, J.N. Journal of Rehabilitation. Vol. 78: 5-10 (2012 )
The relationship between hope and symptoms Waynor, W. R., Gao, N., Dolce, J. N., Reilly, A., Haytas, L. A. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal.. Vol. 35: 345-348 (2012 )
A Study of the perceived barriers to the implementation of circles of support Spagnolo, A.., Dolce, J., Roberts, M., Murphy, A., Gill, K., Librera, L., & Lu, W Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Vol. 34: 233-242 (2011 )
A study of the impact of social support development on job acquisition and retention among people with psychiatric disabilities Roberts, M. M., Murphy, A., Dolce, J., Spagnolo, A., Gill, K., Lu, W Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation. Vol. 33: 203-207 (2010 )
A case illustration to improve employment outcomes among individuals receiving employment services Gao, N., & Dolce, J. American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Vol. 13: 94-104 (2010 )
Making employment a priority in community mental health: Benefits of demonstrating direct employment practice Waynor, W., Pratt, C.W., Dolce, J., Bates, F. & Roberts, M.M. American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Vol. 8: 103-112 (2005 )
Award Year
The National Rehabilitation Association's Thomas G. Stewart Memorial Scholarship 2011
Student Award in Clinical Excellence 2001
Research Grants
Title Sponsor Effective Dates Role
The Role of Self-efficacy in Employment Tenure for Persons with Serious Mental Illness in Supported Employment UMDNJ-Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions 2008 - Present Co-Investigator
Title Details
Assistant Professor   Joni Dolce, MS, CRC, CPRP is an Assistant Professor and Employment Consultant with the Integrated Employment Institute in the Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions at UMDNJ-SHRP where she provides training and technical assistance to providers, consumers, and others to achieve employment outcomes. Joni has several years of experience working in supported employment services, providing both direct employment services and supervising supported employment staff. Joni has co-authored peer reviewed and non peer reviewed articles and workbooks on employment. Joni is president (2011) for the New Jersey Rehabilitation Association and is a member of the New Jersey Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association.

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