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eubankrl's photo
Robin L Eubanks, PHD

Department : Interdisciplinary Studies
Program/Division : Health Sciences
Academic Title: Associate Professor

Office Address:


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
MA Adelphi University 1984
PHD Seton Hall University 2004
Title Authors Where and When
The Transition of African American Women on Public Assistance to Economic Self-Sufficiency: A Qualitative Study of Cultural Resiliency. Eubanks, R. UMDNJ-Cultural Competence and Health Disparities:Seeking To Make A Difference in Our Communities - A Compendium of Research Initiatives. Vol. : (2005 )
"White Racism and Suboptimal Psychological Functioning Among White Americans: Implications for Counseling and Prejudice Prevention". Utsey, S., Eubanks, R., McCarthy, E., & Adrian, G. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development. Vol. 30: 81-95 (2002 April )
Introduction Regarding Student Preparation Eubanks, R. In Review Series Text: Radiography Examination, 3rd Ed.. Vol. : (1997 )
Award Year
Stuart D. Cook, M.D., Master Educators' Guild 2009
African American Achievement Award 1995
Excellence in Teaching Award 1991
University of Excellence Award, Service to External Community 1991
Research Interests
Cultural Competency Within the Health Profession
Resiliency Within the Adult Population

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