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fydrysna's photo
Nadine A Fydryszewski, PHD

Department : Clinical Laboratory and Medical Imaging Sciences
Program/Division : Medical Laboratory Science
Academic Title: Professor
Administrative Title(s): Interim Chair   Program Director

Office Address:
65 Bergen Street 
Stanley S. Bergen Building, Room GB 20
Newark, NJ 07107
Phone: (973) 972-5089


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
MS Seton Hall University 1982
PHD UMDNJ - School of Health Related Professions 2009
Reg Certificate Type Reg Certificate Number
C Null-Medical Tech
Title Authors Where and When
An Exploratory Study of Live vs Web-based Delivery of a Phlebotomy Program. Fydryszewski, N., Scanlan,C., Guiles,HJ., Tucker, A. Clinical Laboratory Science. Vol. 23-3Suppl.: 39-45 (2010 Summer ) Click Here for more information.
Award Year
Fellow of Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity of Clinical Laboratory Science 2007
ASCLS Omicron SIgma Award 2007
Profile in UMDNJ Report 1998
UMDNJ-SHRP Excellence In Teaching Award 1996
Outstanding Educator of the Year 1996
UMDNJ-SHRP Exceptional Merit Award 1994
Outstanding Medical Technologist of the Year 1992
Research Interests
Education Research in Health Professions: Research interests focus on the comparison of Live vs. WEB-based education in health professions, particularly the Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Phlebotomy professions. Research endeavors focus on student perceptions of course quality related to the Seven Principle of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education, outcomes assessment, implementation of pedagogy and aspects of instructional design.
COMPARISON OF STUDENT COGNITIVE OUTCOMES AND SATISFACTION BETWEEN CLASSROOM AND WEB-BASED SECTIONS OF A PHLEBOTOMY PROGRAM USING A MIXED PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH : Changes in student population and increased Web-based education offerings provided the impetus to assess pedagogy, cognitive outcomes and perceptions of course quality. This study explored cognitive outcomes and students perception of course quality related to the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (Chickering & Gamson, 1987) between a live classroom delivery compared to a Web-based delivery of a phlebotomy program. The program included multiple courses and a clinical practicum, and used a mixed pedagogical approach that combined objectivist and constructivist strategies. Subjects represented a convenience sample enrolled by self selection in the two formats over two course offerings. Based on an analysis of subject demographics, the Web-based group had more students with education beyond high school. Validated instruments were used to measure cognitive outcomes and course quality. No significant difference was found between the Web-based and live classroom groups on the cognitive outcome measure, as assessed both at the end of the first course and the end of the program. The more constructivist pedagogy applied in the second course (which included a clinical practicum), did not improve cognitive outcomes. However, it may have contributed to knowledge retention since there was no significant difference in scores between the two administrations of the cognitive measure. Student perception of course quality differed only for Principle One (student-instructor contact). Students in the live classroom rated Principle One higher for the first course compared to the Web-based group. For the second course, there was no significant difference in perception of course quality related to any of the Seven Principles. The live group rated Principle One in the Part II course evaluation relatively the same as they did for the Part I course evaluation. However, the Web-based group rated Principle One considerable higher for the Part II course than for Part I course. A major limitation was high attrition and sample size, which may have had an impact on power and external validity. Future studies with a larger sample could explore improved course quality assessment instruments.
Research Grants
Title Sponsor Effective Dates Role
Student Course and Instructor Evaluations: Development, Validation, and Implementation of a Tool Applicable for Multiple Learning Environments UMDNJ Master Educator Guild 2010 - 2012 Co-Investigator
Center for Disease Control & Prevention Cooperative Agreement in Public Health Response and Preparedness for Bioterrorism Grant. o Collaborative partnership with New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services Development and delivery of two Bioterrorism lecture/laboratory workshops for clinical laboratory science professionals CDC & NJSDHSS 2004 - 2006 Co-Investigator & Faculty
HRSA Grant - New Jersey Preparedness Training Consortium.o Collaborative partnership with New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services. Development and delivery of 3 Bioterrorism lecture/laboratory workshops for clinical laboratory science professionals HRSA 2003 - 2004 Co-Investigator & Faculty
Incorporation of Animatronics/virtual technology, commercial media and studio scenarios into a developing community education webct and laboratory course: phlebotomy and specimen accessioning UMDNJ AcITAC Grant 2002 - 2003 Co-Investigator
Development of an on-line management certificate program for health professionals UMDNJ Educational Innovations & Technology Grant 1998 - 1999 Co-Investigator
Title Details
Dr. Nadine Fydryszewski  July 16 Dr. Fydryszewski earned her PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, School of Health Related Professions. She is a certified as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist by the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel (CLS, NCA) and as a Medical Technologists by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (MT,ASCP). Her CLS specialty area is microbiology and her research interests are distance education and pedagogical strategies, outcomes assessment, and course quality measures. She has practiced as a CLS since 1978, working in microbiology as well as blood bank and hematology in various urban hospitals and private labs. She was supervisor of the microbiology department at Monmouth Medical Center, NJ for 7 years, and also taught their Medical Technology Program. She joined the faculty at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ, Dept of Clinical Laboratory Sciences in 1991. In 1996 she became the founding director of the UMDNJ-SHRP Center for Advanced and Continuing Education. In 2006, she returned to the Dept of CLS as an Associate Professor. She has been the recipient of the UMDNJ-SHRP Excellence in Teaching Award the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science - NJ Outstanding Educator of The Year Award and the ASCLS-NJ Outstanding Medical Technologist of the Year Award. She active in her professional organizations (ACLS & ASCLS-NJ) serving in various capacities on the national, regional and state, levels.

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