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Joseph Adam Zeni, PHD, PT

Department : Rehabilitation And Movement Sciences

Academic Title: Associate Professor

Office Address:


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
BS Quinnipiac University 2001
MPT Quinnipiac University 2003
PHD, PT University of Delaware 2008
Title Authors Where and When
Falling risk in patients with end-stage knee osteoarthritis Aljehani MS, Crenshaw JR, Rubano JJ, Dellose SM, Zeni JA Jr Clinical Rheumatol. Jan;40(1):3-9 doi:10.1007/s10067-020-05165-6 (2021)
Movement Pattern Biofeedback Training After Total Knee Arthroplasty: Randomized Clinical Trial Protocol Bade MJ, Christensen JC, Zeni J, Christiansen CL, Dayton MR, Forster JE, Cheuy VA, Stevens-Lapsley JE Contemp Clin Trials. 2020 Mar 12;91:105973
Physical Therapist Management of Total Knee Arthroplasty. Jette DU, Hunter SJ, Burkett L, Langham B, Logerstedt D, Piuzzu N, Poirer N, Radach L, Ritter J, Scalzitti D, Stevens-Lapsley J, Tompkins J, Zeni J Physical Therapy. 100(9):1603-1631. doi:10.1093/ptj/pzaa099, (2020)
Gait mechanics are influenced by quadriceps strength, age, and sex after total knee arthroplasty Christensen JC, Capin JJ, Hinrichs LA, Aljehani M, Stevens-Lapsley JE, Zeni JA doi:10.1002/jor.24878, October 9, 2020
Self-reported and performance-based outcome measures after unilateral total knee arthroplasty Youn IH, Leutzinger T, Youm JH, Zeni JA, Knarr BA Front Sports Act Living Sep 25;2:569932 (2020)
The contralateral knee may not be a valid control for biomechanical outcomes after unilateral total knee arthroplasty Aljehani M, Madara K, Snyder-Mackler L, Christiansen C, Zeni J. Gait Posture. 2019 May;70:179-184, 2019
The effect of extension assist orthosis with pneumatic bladders on pain and function for patients with early knee osteoarthritis Madara K, Aljehani M, Pozzi F, Colonna E, Zeni J. The Annals of Translational Medicine; Oct;7(Supp 7):S247, 2019
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Hip joint biomechanics in those with and without post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis after anterior cruciate ligament injury Wellsandt E, Zeni J, Axe M, Snyder-Mackler L. Clinical Biomechanics. Oct 2; 50:63-69, 2017
A six-week supervised exercise and educational intervention after total hip arthroplasty: A case series Pozzi F, Madara K, Zeni J. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. Apr;12(2):259-272, 2017
Physical function after total knee replacement: An observational study describing outcomes in a small group of women from China and the United States White DK, Li Z, Zhang Y, Marmon AR, Master H, Zeni J, Niu J, Jiang L, Zhang S, Lin J Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Jul 29. pii: S0003-9993(17)30493-8, 2017
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Influence of weight bearing visual feedback on movement symmetry during sit to stand task Abujaber S, Pozzi F, Zeni J. Clinical Biomechanics. Aug;47:110-116, 2017
Arthrofibrosis associated with total knee arthroplasty Cheuy V, Foran J, Paxton R, Bade M, Zeni J, Stevens-Lapsley J. J Arthroplasty. Aug;32(8):2604-2611, 2017
The effect of surgical approach on function and strength after total hip arthroplasty Zeni J, Madara K, Rubano J Delaware Medical Journal. 88(11):334-340, 2016
Lower leg compensatory strategies during performance of a step up and over task in patients six-months after total knee arthroplasty Pozzi F, Marmon A, Snyder-Mackler L, Zeni J Gait and Posture. Sep;49:41-6, 2016
The association of psychosocial factors with physical activity and function after total knee replacement: An exploratory study Dominick G, White D, Zeni J. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Sep;97(9 Suppl):S218-25, 2016
Quadriceps strength asymmetry predicts loading asymmetry during sit-to-stand task in patients with unilateral total knee arthroplasty Alnahdi A, Zeni J, Snyder-Mackler Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. Aug;24(8):2587-94, 2016
Validity and Reliability of a Commercial Fitness Watch for Measuring Running Dynamics Adams D, Pozzi F, Carroll A, Rombach A, Zeni J JOSPT Jun;46(6):471-6, 2016
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Hip Abductor Strength Reliability and Association With Physical Function After Unilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Cross-Sectional Study Alnahdi A, Zeni J, Snyder-Mackler L Physical Therapy. Aug 94(8): 1154-1162. PMC4118074, 2014
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Reliability and Repeatability of the Portable EPS-Platform Digital Pressure Plate System Vallejo RB, Iglesias ME, Zeni JA, Thomas SJ J Am Podiatr Med Assoc, May-Jun;103(3):197-203, 2013
Do patients achieve normal gait patterns 3 years after total knee arthroplasty? Yoshida Y, Zeni J, Alnahdi A, Snyder-Mackler L JOSPT Dec;42(12):1039-49. PMC4287244 doi: 10.2519/jospt.2012.3763, 2012
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Preoperative Predictors for Non-Copers to Pass Return to Sports Criteria After ACL Reconstruction Hartigan EH, Zeni J Jr, Di Stasi S, Axe MJ, Snyder-Mackler L. J Appl Biomech. Aug;28(4):366-73. PMC3596873, 2012
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Two simple methods for determining gait events during treadmill and overground walking using kinematic data Zeni J, Richards JG, Higginson JS Gait Posture 27(4): 710-4. PMC2384115, 2008
Award Year
Young Investigator Award from the Biomechanics Research Special Interest Group of the APTA Section on Research 2018
Eugene Michels Young Investigator Award from the APTA 2017
Outstanding Doctoral Student Advising and Mentoring Award from the University of Delaware 2015
Excellence in Teaching Award from the College of Health Science 2014
Nominee, Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising and Mentoring Award 2013
Medical Honoree, Delaware Arthritis Foundation – Wilmington Arthritis Walk 2012
Comprehensive Opportunities in Rehabilitation Research Training (CORRT) Scholar 2011
Rose Excellence in Research Award from the APTA 2010
New Investigator Research Award (Finalist) – Orthopaedic Research Society 2009
Research Interests
The themes of identifying risk factors, prevention and management underscore my research interests, merging physical therapy and public health principles. For example, the identification of psychosocial risk factors may influence PT screening and management, as well as potentially shape policy related to the care of these patients/clients. In addition, through the collection of demographic data, these projects examine the presence of disparities in specific patient/client populations as well as educational settings.
The goal of my research is to improve functional, biomechanical, and quality of life outcomes for individuals with hip and knee osteoarthritis (OA). In particular, my research focuses on two primary areas: 1) normalizing movement patterns before and after joint arthroplasty to prevent long-term disability from OA progression and 2) improving participation and physical activity after arthroplasty, which are deficits that do not resolve with surgical intervention alone. I am interested in developing, testing and implementing low-cost and clinically-viable methods of evaluation and intervention for this population. I strongly believe that individualized assessments and interventions are important, but these methods must be accessible to the clinical community outside of laboratory and academic environments.
Description of demographic and psychosocial characteristics of patients with orofacial pain in a specialized orofacial pain clinic. (Co-investigator)
Current Projects: Outcomes after Total Knee Arthroplasty - We are investigating the time course of recovery for clinical and functional outcomes after total knee arthroplasty (TKA). We will use this large prospective dataset to identify pre-operative predictors of recovery, measure the rate of recovery after surgery, and identify risk factors for poor outcomes.
Current Projects: Movement Pattern Biofeedback Training After Total Knee Arthroplasty (NCT03325062) - This research study explores the effects of movement pattern training using real-time biofeedback insoles after total knee arthroplasty. The purpose of this research study is to determine if the addition of a novel movement pattern training program (MOVE) to contemporary progressive rehabilitation leads to improved movement quality and physical function compared to contemporary progressive rehabilitation (CONTROL) alone. This intervention is being conducted at the University of Colorado Denver. Dr. Zeni is a co-investigator on this project and will specifically be looking to see if normalizing movement patterns improves long-term outcomes and prevents arthritis from progressing to other joints.
Research Grants
Title Sponsor Effective Dates Role
Movement Pattern Training after Total Knee Arthroplasty National Institutes of Health (NIA) 9/15/2017-4/30/2022 Co-Investigator
Movement Pattern Training after Total Knee Arthroplasty National Institutes of Health 10/1/15-9/30/17 Co-Investigator
Criteria for safe return-to-drive after total knee replacement General University Grant from University of Delaware 6/1/16-5/31/18 Principal Investigator
Time Course of Contralateral Arthritis Progression after Knee Replacement Pilot Project Grant from NIH 6/16/16-6/15/17 Principal Investigator
Improving Rehabilitation after Total Hip Arthroplasty Pilot Project Grant from 5P30GM103333 COBRE III 6/1/15-5/31/16 Principal Investigator
Bracing to improve biomechanics and function in patients with knee osteoarthritis Ongoing Care Solutions 3/1/15-2/28/16 Principal Investigator
Developing an accelerometry-based algorithm to predict running injury and improve running training Internal award from the National Science Foundation I-Corps Grant directed by the Horn Program in Entrepreneurship 10/1/15 Academic Lead
Developing a low-cost force sensor for clinical use University of Delaware First Step Grand Challenge Seed Grant 10/1/15 Mentor
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) University of Delaware Research Foundation (UDRF) 9/15/14-8/31/15 Principal Investigator
Functional and biomechanical impairments in patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty: A longitudinal analysis University of Delaware Research Foundation Grant (UDRF) 6/1/13-5/31/15 Principal Investigator
Maximizing Functional and Biomechanical Outcomes after Total Knee Arthroplasty (Scholar): K12 HD055931 9/1/11-8/31/15 Principal Investigator
Comparison of Methods of Viscosupplementation on Function and Pain in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis Pilot Project Grant from NIH P20-RR16458 1/1/10-12/31/10 Principal Investigator
Joint loading and the progression of osteoarthritis ARRA Supplemental Grant to NIH P20-RR16458-S1 9/1/09 Co-Investigator
Title Details
Joseph Zeni, Jr. PT, PhD   2019 Joseph Zeni, Jr. PT, PhD received his Baccalaureate of Science and his Master of Physical Therapy degrees at Quinnipiac University. After working for several years in inpatient and outpatient orthopaedic settings, Dr. Zeni furthered his graduate work by completing his PhD at the University of Delaware in the Biomechanics and Movement Science Program. He subsequently received a post-doctoral fellowship to study Clinical Outcomes at the University of Delaware in the Department of Physical Therapy. Dr. Zeni’s current research interests pertain to enhancing the quality of life and improving the value of rehabilitation for patients after total joint replacement. Specifically, Dr. Zeni is interested in developing clinical interventions that improve physical activity and recreational participation after surgery. He is also interested in using activity monitors to measure biomechanics outside of the laboratory setting and to test the feasibility and effectiveness of tele-rehabilitation for patients with musculoskeletal impairments. Dr. Zeni is an Associate Professor in the DPT North program and currently teaches Anatomy, Imaging, and Research courses.

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