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librerlu's photo
Lue Ann Librera, MA

Department : Psychiatric Rehabilitation And Counseling Professions
Program/Division : Psychiatric Rehabilitation And Psychology
Academic Title: RBHS Lecturer

Office Address:
1776 Raritan Road 
Rm 310
Scotch Plains , NJ 07076
Phone: (908) 889-2439


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
MA Montclair State University 1997
Title Authors Where and When
Reducing Stigma by Meeting and Learning from People with Mental Illness Spagnolo, A.B., Murphy, A. A., & Librera, L. A. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Vol. 31(3): 186-193 (2007 )
The Effects of Consumer vs. Staff Administration on the Measurement of Consumer Satisfaction with Psychiatric Rehabilitation Pratt, C. W., Gill, K.J., & Librera, L.A. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Vol. 21(4): 365-370 (1998 )

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