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James Scott Parrott, PHD

Department : Interdisciplinary Studies
Program/Division : Health Sciences
Academic Title: Professor

Office Address:


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
PHD The University of Chicago 1996
Title Authors Where and When
What is your nutrition program missing? Finding answers with the guide for Effective Nutrition Interventions and Education (GENIE) James Scott Parrott Vol. : (2015 ) , Publication ID: 25441961 .
Using a web-based nutrition algorithm in hemodialysis patients James Scott Parrott Vol. : (2015 ) , Publication ID: 25193109 .
Feeding tube use in patients with head and neck cancer James Scott Parrott Vol. : (2014 ) , Publication ID: 24478227 .
Inpatient staffing needs for registered dietitian nutritionists in 21st century acute care facilities James Scott Parrott Vol. : (2015 ) , Publication ID: 25812783 .
Development and Validation of the Guide for Effective Nutrition Interventions and Education (GENIE): A Tool for Assessing the Quality of Proposed Nutrition Education Programs James Scott Parrott Vol. : (2015 ) , Publication ID: 25937019 .
Effects of Intermittent Versus Continuous Walking on Distance Walked and Fatigue in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Crossover Trial James Scott Parrott Vol. : (2015 ) , Publication ID: 26050076 .
Impact of 100% Fruit Juice Consumption on Diet and Weight Status of Children: An Evidence-based Review James Scott Parrott Vol. : (2015 ) , Publication ID: 26091353 .
Online Education Improves Canadian Dietitians' Attitudes and Knowledge Regarding Recommending and Ordering Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements. James Scott Parrott Vol. : (2014 ) , Publication ID: 26066814 .
The effects of different IV fat emulsions on clinical outcomes in critically ill patients James Scott Parrott Vol. : (2014 ) , Publication ID: 24351374 .
Development of a predictive energy equation for maintenance hemodialysis patients: a pilot study James Scott Parrott Vol. : (2014 ) , Publication ID: 24355819 .
Research Interests
Evidence Analysis Methodology
Evidence Based Medicine/Practice
Research Methodology
Sociology of Healthcare Professions
Research Grants
Title Sponsor Effective Dates Role
Mediating the Science and the Practice of Healthcare: Health Insurance Companies, Health Reform and Evidence Based Practice University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Foundation 2010 - 2011 PI
Guided Imagery and Relaxation Techniques as an Adjunct to Preparing and Recovering from Orthognathic Surgery Foundation of UMDNJ through New Jersey Dental School Seed Grant 2011 - 2012 CI
Genocide Evidence Libary Center for Law and Globalization 2008 - 2009 Primary Investigator
The Relationship between Funding Source and Study Quality: Pilot Study International Life Sciences Institute 2008 - 2009 CI
Vegetarian Nutrition Evidence Analysis and Evidence Based Guidelines American Dietetic Association Foundation 2007 - 2009 Project Leader
Childrens Healthy Bodies: Childhood Overweight Program Assessment The Cooper Institute and Michael and Susan Dell Foundation 2005 - 2005 Primary Investigator
Analysis of Return on Grant Investment in Christian Publishing Projects Lilly Endowment 2005 - 2005 Primary Investigator
Scaling-Up Smart Library North Central Educational Research Laboratory 2000 - 2001 Primary Investigator
Closing the Achievement Gap North Central Educational Research Laboratory 1999 - 2000 Primary Investigator
Globalizing Law: Political Influence in the Legal Construction of Markets by the UN. American Bar Foundation 2003 - 2004 Co-investigator
Title Details
Biosketch  9/6/2011 I have over 20 years experience working as a subject matter and methodological and statistical consultant outside and within the university setting in such areas as international law, urban poverty, evidence based medicine, public health, childhood overweight, education and international aid. I have carried out statistical modeling of complex professional practice relationships (using, for instance, multiple regression and logit loglinear procedures), as well as program evaluation for corporate and academic clients. Past Director of Research and Grantwriting at the ADA, I helped to create the ADA Evidence Analysis Library and have been involved in numerous evidence analysis projects. I have worked on projects for a variety of academic and public sector organizations, including the Malcolm Weiner Center for Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, the U.S. Department of Education, the Center for Law and Globalization in affiliation with the American Bar Foundation and the Northwestren University, the American Dietetic Association, the Cooper Institute, the Lilly Trust and Opportunity International. In the two years as an Associate Professor in the department of nutrition, I have mentored over 40 masters and five doctoral students on the statistical analyses for their research projects.

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