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rigassdl's photo
Diane L. Rigassio Radler, PHD

Department : Clinical and Preventive Nutritional Sciences
Program/Division : Clinical Nutrition
Academic Title: Associate Professor
Administrative Title(s): Director Joint Appointment Title : Associate Professor  
Department : Diagnostic Sciences  
School: Rutgers School of Dental Medicine  
Campus: Newark  

Office Address:
65 Bergen Street 
Stanley S Bergen, Rm 157
Newark, NJ 07101-1709
Phone: (973) 972-6731


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
M.S University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey 1997
Reg Certificate Type Reg Certificate Number
R 801729
Title Authors Where and When
Tooth Loss, the Eating Experience and Eating Related Quality of Life: Perceptions of Older Adults Zelig R, Jones VM, Touger-Decker R, Hoskin ER, Singer SR, Byham-Gray L, Rigassio Radler D, Rothpletz-Puglia P Journal of Dental Research: Clinical and Translational Research (JDR CTR). 2019. E-published ahead of print 2/28/2019. Available at:
Early childhood obesity prevention efforts through a life course health development perspective: A scoping review Volger S, Rigassio Radler D, Rothpletz-Puglia P PLOS ONE 13(12): e0209787. Published online December 28, 2018.
Impact of Intravenous Fat Emulsions containing Fish Oil on Clinical Outcomes in Critically Ill Surgical Patients: A Literature Review Honeywell S, Zelig R, Radler DR Nutrition in Clinical Practice. Published online December 5, 2018.
The Relationships between Physical Activity and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors Among Women Participating in a University-Based Worksite Wellness Program Gottesman K, Rawal S, Parrott JS, Byham-Gray LD, Touger-Decker R, Radler DR Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine. Published Ahead of Print September 4, 2018. doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000001439
Dentition and Malnutrition Risk in Community-Dwelling Older Adults Zelig R, Byham-Gray L, Singer SR, Hoskin ER, Marcus AF, Verdino G, Radler DR, Touger-Decker R Journal of Aging, Research and Clinical Practice. 7:107-114, 2018. Published online August 7, 2018,
Health-related Quality of Life, Temperament, and Eating Behavior Among Formula-fed Infants in the Philippines: a Pilot Study Volger S, Estorninos EM, Capeding MR, Lebumfacil J, Radler DR, Parrott JS, Rothpletz-Puglia P Health and Quality of Life Outcomes. 16:121-134, 2018.
Implementation Evaluation of a Worksite Wellness Intervention Rothpletz-Puglia P, Newkirk M, Alderman BL, Radler DR Preventing Chronic Disease. Submitted January 11, 2018. Status: Not accepted March 20, 2018
The Relationship between Social Support and Diet Quality in Middle-aged and Older Adults in the U.S. Pieroth R, Radler DR, Guenther PM, Brewster PJ, Marcus AF J Acad Nutr Diet. 117(8):1272-1278. Published online May 5, 2017
Physical activity level is associated with maintaining anthropometric improvements among participants in a worksite wellness program Wanik J, Marcus AF, Radler DR, Byham-Gray L, Touger-Decker R American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. January 3, 2016 ahead of print. DOI: 10.1177/1559827615624420
Increased Physical Activity Leads to Improved Health-Related Quality of Life among Employees Enrolled in a 12 Week Worksite Wellness Program Macaluso S, Marcus AF, Radler DR, Byham-Gray L, Touger-Decker R Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 57(11):1214-1221. 2015
Improvements in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors Among Overweight and Obese Employees Participating in a University Worksite Wellness Program Radler DR, Marcus AF, Griehs R, Touger-Decker R Health Promot Pract, doi: 10.1177/1524839914558515, first published on November 10, 2014
A Novel Approach to Oral Health Assessment Training for Dietitians in Long-Term Care Setting in Israel Brody RA, Touger-Decker R, Radler DR, Parrott JS, Rachman SE, Trostler N Topics in Clinical Nutrition, 29(1):57-68, 2014
Nutrient Deficiencies Associated with Nutrition-Focused Physical Findings of the Oral Cavity Radler DR, Lister T Nutrition in Clinical Practice, 28(6):710-721, 2013
The mean dietary protein intake at different stages of chronic kidney disease is higher than current guidelines Moore LW, Byham-Gray L, Parrott JS, Rigassio-Radler D, Mandayam S, Jones SL, Mitch WE, Gaber AO Kidney International, 83:724-732, 2013
Effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus LGG® and Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis BB-12 on health-related quality of life in college students affected by upper respiratory infections Smith TJ, Rigassio-Radler, D, Denmark R, Haley T, Touger-Decker R British Journal of Nutrition. 109(11):1999-2007, 2013
Understanding the Properties of Common Dietary Supplements: Clinical Implications for Healthcare Practitioners Zelig R, Rigassio Radler D Nutrition in Clinical Practice, 27(6):767-776, 2012
Colleague influence predicts the use of the International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology in Dietetics Practice Parrott JS, Galeos A, Rigassio-Radler D Topics in Clinical Nutrition, 27(1):1-19, 2012
Impact for Continuing Education: Applying the Nutrition Care Process and Model and the International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology for Dietitians in Long Term Care Zelig R, Byham-Gray L, Parrott J, Rigassio-Radler D, and Touger-Decker R Topics in Clinical Nutrition, 26(3): 268-280, 2011
Nutrition focused physical examination in the professional practice of registered dietitians Stankorb, S, Touger-Decker R, Radler D Topics in Clinical Nutrition, 25(4):335-344, 2010
The perceived benefits of master's degrees in two samples of Registered Dietitians Rigby-Koutz J, Touger-Decker R, Brody R, Rigassio-Radler D, Khan H, Byham-Gray L, O'Sullivan-Maillet J Topics in Clinical Nutrition, 25(3):202-212, 2010
An Assessment of Physical Therapists' Attitudes, Knowledge, and Practice Approaches Regarding Obese Individuals Sack S, Radler DR, Mairella K, Touger-Decker R, Khan H Physical Therapy Journal, 89(8);804-815, 2009
Dietary supplements: Clinical implications for dentistry Radler DR Journal of the American Dental Association, 139(4):451-455, 2008
Impact of “Evidence-Based Practice” web-based modules on perceptions, attitudes, and knowledge of “Evidence-Based Practice” among members of the Dietitians in Nutrition Support and Renal Dietitians Dietetic Practice Groups Parker AR, Byham-Gray L, Touger-Decker R, O’Sullivan-Maillet J, Radler DR Renal Nutrition Forum, 27(1):1-10, 2008
The bits and bytes to advanced graduate degree programs Radler DR and Touger-Decker R Nutrition in Clinical Practice, 22(6):647-652, 2007
Medical Quick Reference Glossary for Dental Clinicians: Diabetes Cohen HV, Krakow AM, Radler D, Touger-Decker R Journal of the New Jersey Dental Association, 77(2):37-38, 2006
Nutrition screening in oral health Radler DR and Touger-Decker R Topics in Clinical Nutrition, 20(3):181-188, 2005
Managing Atypical Antipsychotic-Associated Weight Gain: 12-Month Data on a Multi-Modal Weight Control Program Menza, MA, Vreeland B, Minsky S, Gara M, Radler D, Sakowitz M Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 65(4):471-7, 2004
A Program for Managing Weight Gain Associated With Atypical Antipsychotics Vreeland B, Minsky S, Menza M, Rigassio-Radler D, Roemheld-Hamm B, and Stern R Psychiatric Services, 54:1155-1157, 2003
Nutrition, Herbs, and Ergogenic Aids in Romito L Rigassio-Radler, D Dental Clinics of North America: Nutrition and Oral Health, 47(2):245-258, 2003
Relationships between immunity and dietary and serum antioxidants, trace metals, B vitamins, and homocysteine in elderly men and women Kemp FW, DeCandia J, Wenjie L, Bruening K, Baker H, Rigassio D, Bendich A, Bogden JD Nutrition Research, 22:45-53, 2002
Diet and nutrition: Bridging Mainstream Practice and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Touger-Decker R, Rigassio D Neurology Report, 25(2):63-68, 2001
Award Year
Excellence in Weight Management Outcomes Research, Weight Management Dietetics Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics April 2016
Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Academic Performance, Health Sciences Program UMDNJ-SHRP May 2005
Distinguished Alumna UMDNJ-SHRP May 21, 2004
Colgate Palmolive Fellowship for Dissertation Research in Nutrition and Oral Health, American Dietetic Association Foundation July 1, 2002-June 30, 2004
Secretary’s Award for Innovations in Health Promotion (one of 10 finalists) US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration 2002
Academic Excellence Award, M.S. Clinical Nutrition Program UMDNJ-SHRP January 1997
Research Interests
Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition and Oral Health, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Dietary Supplements, Weight Management, Wellness:
Research Grants
Title Sponsor Effective Dates Role
“T.H.E.B.E.S.T.: Target Health, Eat Better, End Sitting Time” Rutgers Nutrition, Food, and Dietetics Intramural Grant 2016-2017 Principal Investigator
SHP “LIFT UP” (Lifestyle Interventions For Total health – a University Program) worksite wellness research protocol SHP 2013-2017 Principal Investigator
“A Virtual Primer on Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment” UMDNJ Educational Technology Mini-grant 2010-2012 Principal Investigator
“Relationship between metabolic syndrome and periodontal disease among U.S. adults” Foundation of UMDNJ Grant July 1, 2007-December 31, 2008 Principal Investigator
Dissertation Research in Nutrition and Oral Health American Dietetic Association Foundation Colgate-Palmolive Fellowship July 1, 2002-June 30, 2004 Principal Investigator
“Exploring the Associations between Dentition Status, Nutritional Status, and the Eating Experience in Older Adults – A Mixed Methods Study” Sackler Institute for Nutritional Sciences – Early Career Scientist Grant March 2016-October 2018 Co-Investigator
“An International Demonstration Study Using a Train-the-Trainer Program on Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment of the Head, Neck, and Oral Cavity for Dietetic Educators and Preceptors” Foundation of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – Colgate Palmolive Research Fellowship August 2012-2014 Co-Investigator
“Impact of Oral Health Assessment Training of Registered Dietitians on Implementing New Knowledge and Skills in Their Practice - A Pilot Study” Foundation of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetic Association) - Colgate-Palmolive Research Fellowship 2011-June 2012 Co-Investigator
“Efficacy of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Subspecies GG (LGG) and Bifidobacterium Animalis Subspecies Lactis (BB12) on Health-Related Quality of Life in College Students with Upper Respiratory Infections” Chr Hansen grant to support doctoral research January 2011-January 2012 Co-Investigator
"Healthy Living: A Novel Weight Control Program for Overweight and Obese SPMI Adults on Atypical Antipsychotic Medications" Eli Lilly January 2001-December 2002 Co-Investigator
Didactic Nutrition Program Inspira Health Network (formerly South Jersey Healthcare) 2005-2019 Education Coordinator
Clinical Nutrition Expert Training University of Shizuoka 2007-2015 Coordinator
Didactic Nutrition Program South Jersey Healthcare August 2005 Education Coordinator
Web-based Course Modules for Evidence-Based Practice UMDNJ ACITAC Mini-Grant May 2004–April 2005 Co-investigator
“A simulated approach to examination of the head, neck, cranial nerves and oral cavity using WebCT and CD-ROM” UMDNJ ACITAC Mini-Grant May 2003–April 2004 Co-investigator
Development of a Web-based Course on Community and Public Health Nutrition UMDNJ School of Public Health Curriculum Challenge Grant August 2002-May 2003 Education Coordinator
"A Multidisciplinary Web based Course on Complementary and Alternative Medicine" Foundation of UMDNJ Educational Enrichment Grant 2000-2001 Educational Consultant
Didactic Nutrition Curriculum New Jersey Tri-county WIC 2000 Curriculum Specialist/Lecturer
Title Details
Dr. Diane Rigassio Radler   Dr. Diane Rigassio Radler is an associate professor in the Graduate Programs in Clinical Nutrition at Rutgers University School of Health Related Professions and clinical faculty in the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine teaching nutrition and oral health. She is author or co-author on several book chapters and articles related to nutrition and oral health, nutrition-focused physical assessment, and dietary supplements. In her capacity as the director of the Institute for Nutrition Interventions, Dr. Radler manages the worksite wellness program for employees and students. Prior to joining the University, Diane gained clinical experience in an acute care hospital in New York. Her focus there was geriatric nutrition, obesity, and diabetes management, and also consulted on clinical research trials of drugs to aid persons with elevated cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

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