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Jennifer S. Sperduto, MS

Department : Psychiatric Rehabilitation And Counseling Professions
Program/Division : Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Academic Title: RBHS Lecturer

Office Address:


Degree Degree Source Year Awarded
Title Authors Where and When
Tools for Moving On: Adapting an Evidence-Based Housing Curriculum for Individuals Receiving Services in an Inpatient Psychiatric Setting to Prepare for Community Living Jennifer S. Sperduto, MS; Michelle R. Zechner, PhD, LSW, CPRP; Amy B. Spagnolo, PhD; and Giovanna Giacobbe, MSW JOURNAL OF PSYCHOSOCIAL NURSING AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES. VOL. 57, NO. 8, 2019
Fidelity to the structural and clinical aspects of the illness management and recovery program in an institutional setting: A six year study Bartholomew, T, Zechner, M.R., Birkmann, J.C, Reinhardt-Wood, D. L., Kinter, K.T., Sperduto, J.S., Cook, R.C, Giantini, M. American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Vol. 21, 1-2, 2019
Sensitizing Inpatient Mental Health Staff to the Challenges of Aging Michelle R. Zechner, PhD, LSW, CPRP; Joseph C. Birkmann, MPA, LSW; Jennifer Sperduto, MS, CPRP; and Carlos Pratt, PhD, CPRP JOURNAL OF PSYCHOSOCIAL NURSING AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES. VOL. 56, NO. 4, 2018
A collaborative rehabilitation approach to the improvement of inpatient treatment for persons with a psychiatric disability Joseph C. Birkmann, Jennifer S. Sperduto, Russell C. Smith, Kenneth J. Gill Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Vol. 29, Number 3: 157-165 (2006 Winter)
Award Year
SHRP Award for Academic Excellence 1997
Title Details
Bio  2019 Jennifer Sperduto is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions at Rutgers University. She has over 25 years experience in the mental health field in a variety of community settings, including a Clubhouse model psychiatric rehabilitation program, a vocational rehabilitation program, several community housing programs and a residential program for consumers with co-occurring disorders. Her current role is to provide technical assistance, consultation, and training to state psychiatric hospitals. Ms. Sperduto has participated in both quantitative and qualitative studies related to the effectiveness of inpatient treatment interventions and has been involved in several evaluation projects which examine the implementation and fidelity of Evidence Based Practices, including Illness Management & Recovery, in a hospital setting. She has developed curricula for recovery-oriented programming to facilitate community re-integration for persons served in the state hospital system. Most recently Ms. Sperduto’s work has focused on developing a recovery-based curriculum to improve discharge readiness, tenancy skills and community living skills for persons preparing to leave the state psychiatric hospital.

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