Rutgers SHP - Policies


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Responsible Executive : Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Responsible Office : SHP Office of Enrollment Management
Adopted : 6/05 Amended : 5/14/07, 2/10, 12/12, 4/2014 Last Reviewed : 4/2014

I. Purpose
This policy establishes the key contents of the admissions package and describes general procedures for processing letters of disposition.
II. Accountability
The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the Program Directors and the SHP Manager of Admissions are responsible for compliance with the policy.
III. Policy

In general, all applicants with completed SHP applications are issued letters of disposition (acceptance, conditional acceptance or rejection) prior to the date of initial enrollment.

The admissions acceptance packet consists of the following items:

  • Letter of acceptance or conditional acceptance signed by the SHP Manager of Admissions;
  • Admissions Check List,  indicating the deadline for acceptance and directions for submitting the following:
  a. Medical evaluation/immunization records forms as RBHS.
  b. Tuition deposit
  c. Requirements for graduation form
  d. RBHS Health insurance waiver as required by RBHS policy
  e. Criminal background check as required by RBHS policy
  f. Applicant Response Sheet
  g. Other documents that may be required.
IV. Procedures
  1. Program Directors are given access to the application file from the Office of Enrollment Management.
  2. After the admissions decision is made, each Program Director notifies Enrollment Management of the status of the applicant.
  3. The SHP Manager of Admissions reviews the letter, acceptance packet and file and assigns residency/citizenship status. 
  4. The SHP Manager of Admissions signs the letter if the file is in order.
  5. The original letter and enclosures are sent to the applicant.  Copies of the acceptance letter are shared with the program, financial Aid Office and partnering institutions.
  6. Rejection letters are signed by the Manager of Admissions and sent by Enrollment Management to the applicant.  Copies of the rejection letter are shared with the program and partner institutions, if applicable. 
  7. Procedures for joint programs may differ; refer to Program Director.

The Dean’s Office will periodically audit applicant accepted and rejected files.

     Amended: 5/14/07, 2/10, 12/12, 4/2014