Rutgers SHP - Policies


Subject : ADMISSIONS Title : SPECIAL ADMISSIONS Coding : 1.1.2
Category :
Responsible Executive : Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Responsible Office : SHP Office of Enrollment Management
Adopted : 7/05 Amended : 2/10, 12/12, 4/14 Last Reviewed : 04/2014

I. Purpose
This policy provides for the admission of applicants under circumstances that are unusual or deviate from standard admissions requirements.
II. Accountability
The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Program Directors and SHP Manager of Admissions are responsible for this Policy.
III. Policy

Special Admissions may be awarded in the following categories:

Acceptances are contingent upon submission of all required admission documents (Reference: Applicant Admissions File Policy (1.1)) or upon a specified level of performance in a remedial/ developmental/prerequisite course.  Admission may be revoked if the requirements are not met by the date stated in the offer of acceptance letter.

Waiver of academic performance requirement (GPA) may be granted on the basis of demonstrated potential, life experience or other non-traditional qualities.
Waiver of academic or certification admission criteria may be granted when documents cannot be retrieved.  The Program Director must provide a written request and justification for any waivers.  The written statement will be maintained in the student’s permanent file. 

     Amended: 2/10, 12/12, 4/14