Rutgers SHP - Policies


Subject : ADMISSIONS Title : TRANSCRIPTS Coding : 1.2
Category :
Responsible Executive : Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Responsible Office : SHP Office of Enrollment Management
Adopted : 6/05 Amended : 6/09 , 2/10, 12/12, 4/14 Last Reviewed : 04/2014

I. Purpose
This policy establishes the classification of transcripts that are acceptable for applicants who wish to be considered for admission to SHP programs.
II. Accountability
The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and SHP Manager of Admissions are responsible for this policy.
III. Policy

Only a transcript that bears the official signature and/or seal of the originating institution or official e-trancripts that are transmitted directly from that institution or an agency representing the institution (e.g. Net Transfer) to SHP Office of Enrollment Management shall be considered "official". These transcripts,  therefore, are acceptable for consideration for admission or for documentation for transfer credits.  Official transcripts and other documents are the property of the School and are not returnable to applicants.

All programs whose applicants are required to possess a degree from a post secondary educational institution shall require submission of an official transcript from the educational institution from which the applicant’s highest degree was received.  Programs may require official transcripts from any or all educational institutions previously attended.

Applicants who submit transcripts from foreign institutions must submit "official" evaluations from recognized transcript evaluation agencies (e.g., World Education Services). If a foreign transcript is written in a language other than English, a certified English translation must be submitted.

Waiver of an academic or certification admission criteria may be granted in accordance with the Policy on Special Admissions.

     Amended: 6/09 , 2/10, 12/12, 4/14