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Responsible Executive : Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Responsible Office : SHP Office of Enrollment Management
Adopted : 6/05 Amended : 3/8/2010, 1/9/2012, 6/2014 Last Reviewed : 6/2014

I. Purpose
This policy defines the enrollment status Maintaining Matriculation.
II. Accountability
The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is responsible for administering this policy. The policy will be implemented by the SHP Registrar.
III. Definition

Students are considered matriculated when they are admitted to and enrolled in a program of study which terminates with the conferral of a University certificate or degree. A student enrolled in courses or special programs of study sponsored by programs or departments of the School, but which do not lead to a University certificate or degree is not considered matriculated. In general, a student may not be permitted to earn more than 12 credits and still maintain non- matriculated status.

Maintaining Matriculation is defined as a student who is:

  1. approved to complete unfinished work required for courses from previous semesters, but is not involved in any academic enhancement outside their usual curriculum.
  2. not taking any new courses but will be registered for the School-specific version of a course entitled "Maintaining Matriculation".
  3. working on an Incomplete(s) from a previous term.
  4. awaiting graduation due to: missing a graduation date (applied for graduation after the deadline)
  5.  not taking courses, but preparing for exams as required by the program. Students must complete a maintaining matriculation form in the fall and spring semesters when they are not taking courses. Students who are actively completing courses (e.g. Incomplete or IP) during the summer semester must complete a maintaining matriculation form. Students who are inactive in the summer semester are not required to complete a maintaining matriculation form.
  6. in a joint program who is awaiting clearance from affiliates.
IV. Policy

Students assigned Maintaining Matriculation status will be considered less than half-time status for purposes of Financial Aid, Student Loans, and the Office of International Affairs.

A fee is assessed for this service. A completed Maintaining Matriculation Form or Leave of Absence Form, is required and is accessible at this link:

Students who assigned maintaining matriculation status are still eligible for student health insurance but must manually enroll in the insurance plan.

     Amended: 3/8/2010, 1/9/2012, 6/2014