Rutgers SHP - Policies


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Responsible Executive : Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Responsible Office : SHP Office of Enrollment Management
Adopted : 6/05 Amended : 6/28/11 Last Reviewed : 6/2014

I. Purpose

This policy allows matriculated students with significant professional experience to submit documentation of this learning in partial fulfillment of their requirements for graduation.

II. Accountability

The Faculty, Program Director, Chairperson, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs are responsible for this policy. The SHP Registrar implements the policy.

III. Policy

SHP provides award of credit for knowledge and skills gained outside the usual college/university setting. Matriculated students may be granted credits for non-collegiate learning by providing proper documentation to enable validation of competencies with the course material on a course by course basis. Also, if institutional documents are unavailable, and the student has appropriate professional experience in a field of study for which SHP faculty have expertise, credits may be given by portfolio assessment. In addition, SHP will accept evaluations performed by other agencies such as the following:

  1. American Council on Education
  2. College Credit Recommendation Service
  3. Armed Services Experience
  4. Guide to Educational Credit by Examination
  5. Thomas Edison State College

Advanced standing or credit for non-collegiate learning experiences may be granted following review and evaluation by appropriate Faculty in consultation with the Program Director, Chairperson, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

The procedure for portfolio assessment is provided with the Application for Portfolio Assessment Form. Forms are available from the SHP Office of Enrollment Management.

     Amended: 6/28/11