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Responsible Executive : Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Responsible Office : SHP Registrar
Adopted : 7/05 Amended : 10/9/06, 6/2/08, 5/12,1/13, 6/14, 7/16 Last Reviewed : 7/2016

I. Purpose

To describe the School’s grading system.

II. Accountability

Under the direction of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Program Director, each faculty member shall have responsibility for this policy. The SHP Registrar implements the policy.

III. Policy

Students must demonstrate satisfactory knowledge and skill in academic work and clinical performance in order to complete a program of study. A letter grade is used to report the final evaluation of a student's performance in a course. In determining a grade, each instructor utilizes criteria established and discussed with students at the beginning of each course. Only the instructor of a class has the authority to submit grades for students in that class to the Office of Enrollment Management.  If the instructor on record is unable to assign grades in a timely manner, grades may be assigned through administrative action.

A grade for a student is subject to change only in the event of clerical or calculation error, or to change an "incomplete" or "in-progress" to a performance letter grade. An instructor wishing to change a grade must submit a recommendation of change with rationale, to the Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management through  docusign.

The following grades are used to report the quality of academic and/or clinical performance when SHP is the transcript- issuing institute. Rounding up is prohibited.  In the event that an SHP program is affiliated with another institution, and the affiliate institution is the transcript issuing institution, academic or clinical performance may be graded according to the affiliate institution's grading system.


Undergraduate Scale

Graduate Scale

Quality Points














83.0- 86.9 
























63.0- 66.9




less than 63 less than 63



P          Passing (Pass/Fail Course Only)

I           Incomplete

IP        Course In Progress

AU      Audit

NG      Non-graded (grade not submitted or can not be determined at this time)

W        Official withdrawal

WF      Unofficial withdrawal

WI       Official Withdrawal from Program with Incomplete Courses


At the discretion of the individual program, students must attain a grade of "C" or better in all professional courses that are required for practice of their specific discipline upon graduation. If a student receives less than a "C", the student has one year from receipt of the grade to repeat the course achieving a "C" or better.

Program Directors shall define which courses are considered required professional courses within their programs and prospectively share this information with their students prior to enrollment.  Programs may set more stringent requirements. Consult program policies regarding specific requirements of the program.

IP - In Progress

The provisional grade of "IP" (in progress) is assigned to courses that extend more than one semester. An IP can also be issued for dissertation courses, or in the case of a clinical affiliation, when the start date has been delayed or when a student must step out of the site for remediation, if permitted by the program policy. A grade of "IP" cannot extend beyond one year, and may be further restricted by individual program policy. At the discretion of the instructor, the "IP" may convert to an "I" when the student meets the criteria for carrying an incomplete. (see section below) Instructors are responsible for issuing the Change of Grade Form from an "IP" to an "I", or to a performance grade, and submitting to the Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management through Docusign.


A grade of “I” is given only when circumstances such as student illness, injury, family crisis, or an unavoidable absence from class such as military service, prevent completion of course requirements. A request for an Incomplete must come from the student, and the student must confer with the course instructor prior to the course grade being issued.  The instructor retains the right to award the “I” but may do so only when the following criterion has been met:

  • The Withdrawal period is over. If the course extends over two semesters, the Incomplete may be given following the withdrawal period for the second semester.

  • The student’s performance is satisfactory, with a grade of “B-” or better for graduate students and a grade of “C-” or better for undergraduate students. Under no circumstances will an Incomplete be given as a substitute for a failing grade.

Students must request the Incomplete by filling out Part A of the “Request for an Incomplete Grade Form”. Section B will be completed by the instructor who will outline the exact work required to replace the “I” with a performance grade along with the due date. The incomplete must be converted to a performance grade before the end of the next semester in which the “I” was received, or sooner, at the discretion of the Instructor.  However, the length of time should be based on whether the work missed requires interaction with other students, necessitating that the student wait for the next course offering, or complete the missing work independently. The Instructor will determine the due date for course completion, and if the student does not meet this deadline, the “I” will revert to a Failure.  If the student needs to return to the class at its next offering, the student will pick up where he/she left off, and all previously earned grades will be used to determine the final course grade.  Under extreme circumstances, the incomplete period may be extended, but only with permission of the Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management in conjunction with the Program Director.  To request an extension, the student must write a letter explaining why the extension is needed and provide requested supporting documentation.

A student may not carry more than two Incompletes at one time.  A student must complete at least one Incomplete before the student is allowed to register for courses and progress in their program.  An administrative hold preventing registration is placed on the student record and will only be removed when a performance grade is issued.  An Incomplete grade affects a student’s satisfactory academic progress.  Refer to Policy 3.1.2 Student Satisfactory Academic Progress.  A student, who is working on an incomplete but not registered for another course, must submit a “Maintaining Matriculation Form”.

Students on a one year Leave of Absence (LOA) are exempt from the time frame to complete the Incomplete.  However, if a student is returning from a LOA with two incompletes, the administrative hold will be in effect until at least one Incomplete is rectified.

NG-Non Graded

An NG can be used as a placeholder under very specific situations in which a student’s grade is pending the outcome of a disciplinary issue or other investigative matter.  If repeats of a written or practical exam are allowed, as determined by the program, an NG may also be given if this exam is delayed until the following semester. An NG is temporary and will only remain on the student’s record until these matters are solved but not longer than 2 weeks into the next semester.  "NG" is also used to record registration in joint programs where the student is actively enrolled in one institution while coursework is taken and a grade issued at a separate partner- institution. (See policies on maintaining matriculation and joint registration procedures.) 

W- Official Withdrawal from course

Students who officially withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period will receive a grade of “W” on their transcript. (See Withdrawal from Course Policy # 2.0.3). If the withdrawal occurs after the Add/Drop period, the student would incur a financial loss in accordance with the refund schedule.

If a student withdraws after the withdrawal period, the course instructor will assign a final grade based upon the work completed and the requirements for the course.

WI-Withdrawal from Program

Any "I" grades or "IP" grades from a prior semester will be converted to a "WI" under the following circumstances: 

  • a student is administratively withdrawn from a program with incomplete grades

  • a student withdraws from the program with incomplete grades

  • a student is academically dismissed from a program with incomplete grades.

A "WI" is used for administrative withdrawals for students who are inactive (e.g. did not register for courses and/or did not file for maintaining active status). The "WI" is also used when students are withdrawn for academic reasons.  A "WI" grade assigned is final and cannot be changed to a different grade. Students must repeat and re-register for the course to earn the credit.

WF-Unofficial withdrawal from course

A student who unofficially withdraws from a course, or fails to attend a course in person or on-line for two or more weeks (see policy on Withdrawal from Course Policy # 2.0.3) prior to the end of the withdrawal period, will receive a grade of "WF" on the transcript. The "WF" may be assigned by the instructor as a final grade to indicate that a student stopped attending class without submitting an official course withdrawal form. The student will have to register for and pay for any course they must repeat due to a "WF" grade.  If the student fails to attend a course in person or on-line for two or more weeks after the end of the withdrawal period, a performance grade will be given.


With the permission of the program director and the course instructor, and on a space- available basis, students may audit courses. No academic credit is earned in this manner; a grade of "AU" appears on the transcript. Students are charged full tuition and fees for the audit.

Application of the Grading Policy: Case Examples

1. A student who is eligible to re-take an exam or practical, may receive an NG if the assessment cannot be administered until after grades are due.  As soon as the re-take is completed, a change of grade form should be submitted to the Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management with a performance grade.

2.  A student who becomes ill after the withdrawal period ends, but before the final exam or paper is due, may be given an “I” only after providing appropriate documentation. The student and instructor must fill out the “Request for an Incomplete Grade Form” outlining the work that will need to be made up and the due date.  If the course meets again in the next semester, the student may have the option to join that class, but the previously earned grades will carry forward.  If the course does not meet again until the following year and group work has been missed, the instructor will make every effort to create a learning experience commensurate to what would have been experienced if the student completed the course as scheduled.  If this is not possible then the student would be allowed to carry the “I” for one year so that the group work could be completed with following year’s class. The instructor must obtain special permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and this must be documented on the “Request for an Incomplete Grade Form”

3.  If a student is in danger of failing a clinical rotation, and it is within the program’s policy to remove the student for some remediation, the student may receive IP for that experience.  As soon as the student’s clinical experience has been completed, the IP must be converted to a performance grade.

4.  A student whose clinical experience has been delayed, and who is unable to finish the required weeks within the semester, may receive an “IP” until all the necessary requirements of the experience have been completed. 

5. If a student decides to take a Leave of Absence during the semester prior to the end of the Withdrawal Period, he/she must withdraw from the registered course and re-take the course upon their return.

6.  A Student who has taken an incomplete but does not satisfy the terms stated in the “Request for an Incomplete Grade Form” will have the grade revert to an “F”.

     Amended: 10/9/06, 6/2/08, 5/12,1/13, 6/14, 7/16