Rutgers SHP - Policies


Subject : GRADING SYSTEM Title : REPETITION OF COURSE Coding : 3.1.5
Category :
Responsible Executive : Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Responsible Office : SHP Registrar and Program Director
Adopted : 7/05 Amended : 4/12, 6/14 Last Reviewed : 6/2014

I. Purpose

This policy states guidelines regarding repetition of courses.

II. Accountability

The faculty in consultation with the Program Director are responsible for the policy. The Policy is implemented by the SHP Registrar.

III. Policy

Students may repeat courses if the grade(s) received does not meet the requirements for graduation as established by the program, providing the repetition of courses(s) is not in conflict with other program or School policies. Repetition of any course results in both the original grade and the new grade appearing on the transcript; however, the quality points from the lower grade are not calculated into the student's cumulative grade point average.

When a student repeats a course, the student is required to register and pay current tuition and fees for the repeated course.

Per Federal guidelines for financial aid purposes, students are permitted to repeat a failed course only once and receive financial aid. If a student repeats a course more than once, the student is responsible for the tuition and fees related to the course.

     Amended: 4/12, 6/14