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Responsible Executive : Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Responsible Office : SHP Registrar
Adopted : 6/05 Amended : 5/07, 6/14 Last Reviewed : 6/2014

I. Purpose

This policy specifies requirements for graduation.

II. Accountability

Under the direction of the Dean of SHP each Program Director shall have responsibility for this policy.

III. Policy

Upon the recommendation of the faculty of SHP,certificates or diplomas are awarded to students who have successfully completed all requirements for graduation specified by their individual program, as well as those specified by the School or affiliated Colleges and Universities.

A completed "Requirements for Graduation" form must be on file for each student prior to submission of the name for graduation.

Graduation from SHP certifies the achievement of a satisfactory level of academic and professional proficiency in all courses and all clinical experiences, as defined in the individual's program plan.

The requirement for graduation for undergraduate programs is the attainment of a minimum cumulative grade point average (quality point average) of 2.00 (on a 4.00 scale). For graduate programs, the minimum attainment is 2.50 (on a 4.00 scale). Programs may set more stringent requirements. Course credits that have been completed elsewhere (see Transfer Credits Policy 2.3) will not be utilized in determining the student's final grade point average.

Students must submit an application for graduation by the deadline established by SHP. Students who have applied for graduation, but do not complete their degree requirements before the graduation date, must submit a new Application for Graduation form to Enrollment Services to become re-eligible for the next graduation date.

The Application for Graduation is available on the SHP website in the Enrollment Services, Registrar section.

     Amended: 5/07, 6/14