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Responsible Executive : Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Responsible Office : Office of Education
Adopted : 7/05 Amended : 11/09, 12/12 Last Reviewed : 12/03/12

I. Purpose
This policy establishes requirements for course approval, including course availability for registration and applicable record-keeping.
II. Accountability
The faculty and the program director under the direction of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs have responsibility for this policy. The Committee on Curriculum and Course Review (CCCR) is responsible for monitoring this policy.
III. Policy

All courses developed and taught by SHP Faculty, including adjunct faculty, must be approved for offering.  Course approval is based on explicit criteria, as developed and promulgated by the faculty via its CCCR.New courses and existing SHP courses that require major revision must undergo CCCR review and approval prior to offering.  CCCR review and approval is required as a condition for course listing and registration. 

All courses offered by international schools whose coursework will be shared by SHP programs must be evaluated for equivalency to SHP courses. The international courses will be evaluated by SHP in the following manner:

  • The program director will evaluate the individual courses for equivalency to their SHP courses.
  • If the international courses meet the program requirements, the program director will begin the process of school approval by submitting the course to CCCR using the accepted CCCR syllabus template, CCCR New Course Application Form, and CCCR Course Criteria Evaluation Form, and Requirement of Graduation.  All forms are available in the Faculty/Staff Groups page under CCCR Forms.  It is the program directors responsibility to assure that all CCCR criteria is met as outlined in the CCCR Course Criteria Evaluation Form before submitting courses for school approval. 

The SHP administration maintains all summary course records, to include a database of course approval status, course syllabi and CCCR approval forms.  Courses listed in the SHP catalog that are developed and taught by faculty of the U.S. affiliating institution(s) are not subject to SHP course approval, unless the courses are international courses. International courses must be approved for equivalency as delineated above  Because the affiliate or international courses are listed on the requirements for graduation, their syllabi  must be on file with the SHP administration.

Current CCCR course approval procedures and forms and supportive materials are maintained online and available to the faculty electronically via the University network.

     Amended: 11/09, 12/12