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Responsible Executive : Dean Responsible Office : Academic Affairs
Adopted : 7/05 Amended : 5/07, 5/11, 9/21 Last Reviewed : 9/1/21

I. Purpose
This policy describes student responsibilities.
II. Accountability
It is the responsibility of the Dean and all faculty to promote student fulfillment of these responsibilities.
III. Policy

Students are responsible for reading all pertinent information in University publications regarding tuition/fees, add/drop, deadline dates, academic requirements and any administrative rules that apply to students. Students are responsible for compliance with all applicable University and School rules and regulations.

University students have an obligation to fulfill the responsibilities incumbent upon all citizens as well as the responsibilities of their particular roles within the academic community. In order to protect all students' rights and to establish procedures for addressing charges of misconduct, a "Student Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary Procedures" policy and an " Academic Integrity Policy have been adopted by the University.

Examples of responsibilities of University students include, but are not limited to:

  1. As U.S. citizens, residents or visitors: the responsibility to be aware of and to abide by all applicable federal, state and local civil and criminal laws and regulations and to immediately notify the School of any convictions, guilty pleas or no contest pleas to any crime, misdemeanor or other offense and of any arrests, detentions, charges or investigations by any law enforcement authorities, which occur subsequent to the student's submission of the student's criminal background check disclosure forms.

  2. As students at University campuses: the responsibility to be aware of and to abide by all applicable University, School and program policies, rules, procedures and standards, both general and academic; In order to assure awareness of University and School requirements, students are responsible for promptly reading all University and School communications, whether transmitted or published in hard copy or electronically. This responsibility includes fully participating in New Student Orientation programs, reading all new student orientation materials provided by the School in person and electronically, and reading messages on the students' University e-mail no less than weekly, and completing all training regarding the School or assigned by the School within the established time frames.

    1. The responsibility to read, accept, sign and return the School Faculty/Student Honor Code Policy.

    2. The responsibility for personal and professional integrity and honesty in all academic activities. As future health care professionals and/or biomedical scientists holding a public trust: the responsibility to adhere to all generally recognized standards of professional and ethical conduct; and the responsibility to help ensure that high standards of professional and ethical conduct are upheld by fellow students, colleagues and peers by reporting incidents of academic and professional dishonesty observed in others.

    3. The responsibility to comply with the SHP Procedures for Applicants and Students who request accommodations for disabilities, including the responsibility to provide timely information to the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs to request accommodations, to request changes to accommodations, and to inform the Office of any circumstances affecting the student's academic performance.

  3. Additional information on Student Conduct can be found here University policy.
     Amended: 5/07, 5/11, 9/21