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Responsible Executive : Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Responsible Office : Academic Affairs
Adopted : 7/05 Amended : 5/07 Last Reviewed :

I. Purpose
This policy describes student responsibilities for attendance.
II. Accountability
Under the direction of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Program Director, each faculty member and student shall have responsibility for this policy.
III. Policy

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to attend all classes, web-units, laboratories, and clinical sessions for which they are registered. Specific attendance policy is established at the program level. Students are expected to adhere to the stated attendance policy for each course and for the specific program in which they are enrolled.

Students are fully responsible for all material presented in classes, on the web, in laboratories, and at all clinical sessions. Absent students are responsible for obtaining all material covered in missed sessions. Students may be permitted to make up a missed web-unit, laboratory or clinical session only at the discretion of the instructor. When illness or other special circumstances prevent attendance, students should inform their instructors in advance, whenever possible.

Faculty Responsibilities

An instructor is expected to monitor the attendance in each course. Normally, the instructor will deal directly with a student in respect to brief absences from class for any cause or the student may be asked to present excuses for absence to be approved by the Program Director. Instructors promptly report three consecutive absences to the Program Director.

Faculty are not expected to be regularly available for students who miss sessions or are late for them.

     Amended: 5/07