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Responsible Executive : Assistant Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs Responsible Office : SHP Student and Alumni Services
Adopted : 7/05 Amended : 7/07 Last Reviewed :

I. Purpose
This policy describes the services for students with disabilities.
II. Accountability
Under the direction of the SHP Disabilities Coordinator, it is the responsibility of Program Directors to carry out this policy.
III. Policy

No program or activity administered by the University shall exclude from participation, admissions, treatment or employment, or deny benefits to, or subject to discrimination any qualified individuals
solely by reason of his or her disability. Qualified individuals are those persons who, with reasonable accommodation, are capable of performing the essential functions of the position in question in accordance with University policy, applicable laws and regulations. University policies with regard to the rights of individuals with disabilities include:

Policy 00-01-20-91_00 Disabilities and Students/Applicants
Policy 00-01-35-40_00 Individuals with Handicaps/Disabilities
Policy 00-01-35-35_00 Equal Access in Public Service.

In compliance with the University policy regarding students with disabilities, each program has delineated the essential functions that are necessary for a student to participate in the program. The Essential Functions for all SHP programs and additional Essential Functions for individual programs are listed on the SHP Registrar's website.

The School will, if requested, provide reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified enrolled students and applicants with disabilities unless: (a) such accommodations impose an undue hardship to the institution, or (b) direct threats of substantial harm to the health and safety of others due to the disability cannot be eliminated by any reasonable accommodations available that would allow the student to perform the essential functions, or (c) such accommodations fundamentally alter the educational program or academic standards. Requests for accommodations must be made by contacting the SHP Office of Student Services, Disabilities Coordinator and by complying with the procedures for requesting accommodations under Services for Students with Disabilities, SHP Student Services website. A student whose behavior or performance raises questions concerning his or her ability to fulfill the essential functions may be required to obtain evaluation and/or testing by a health care provider designated by the School, and to provide the results to the Student Health and Wellness Center for the purpose of determining whether the student is fit to pursue the educational program. If the student is deemed fit to pursue the program, the School reserves the right to require actions recommended by the health care provider, including further testing, counseling, monitoring, leave of absence, etc.

     Amended: 7/07