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Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Psychology

Joint BS  Full Time
Program Code:PSF3  Program Director: William Waynor
Partner School(s): Camden County College, Felician, GCU, Kean, NCAS
Version for Summer 2021

SemesterCourse#Course TitleCreditsComments/Notes
1. Core Required Courses
PSRT1101 Introduction to the Principles of Psychosocial Rehabilitation 3 _________________________
PSRT1102 Communication Techniques 3 _________________________
PSRT1103 Group Interventions for People with Disabilities 3 _________________________
PSRT1204 Clinical Principles in PSR 3 _________________________
PSRT2121 Community Resource Management 3 _________________________
PSRT2231 Emerging Topics in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment 3 _________________________
PSRT4121 Case Management Approaches 3 _________________________
2. Clinical
PSRT4119 Practicum in PSR I 6 _________________________
PSRT4129 Practicum in PSR II 6 _________________________
3. Electives Choose 4 courses (12 Credits).
PSRT4015 Wellness and Recovery 3 _________________________
PSRT4040 Aging and Psychiatric Rehabilitation 3 _________________________
PSRT4202 Supported Education 3 _________________________
PSRT4203 Supported Employment 3 _________________________
PSRT4231 Independent Living Rehabilitation 3 _________________________
PSRT4251 Substance Abuse and Mental Illness 3 _________________________
PSRT4261 Developmental Disabilities 3 _________________________
PSRT4271 Role of Families in Rehabilitation 3 _________________________
PSRT4280 Research in Psychiatric Rehab. 3 _________________________
4. General Ed. Courses General Ed and Psychology Courses - Partner Schools - Kean, GCU, Felician and Rutgers NCAS. Required Range is 75-91 credits. See your partner school for requirements and advisement.
Curriculum Total :   120-142  
Consult School and program policy regarding specific requirements.
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